Bach flower essence guidance:

Sun method:

Materials:  a thin small bowl (glass- it should be plain). Not pyrex

                   1 litre glass mason jar (fill it with spring water, if using tap water than have it sit in the mason jar over night). do not use distilled 'dead' water

                   30 ml amber glass bottles with droppers (a few bottles with droppers). fill each of these so they are half full with brandy *this will be used to preserve the mother essence

                  *Make sure ALL equipment used has been sterilized in advance with boiling hot water.


Choose which flower (a non poisonous one!) you will be connecting with. It should be a spot with many of the same plant so you don't over pick any one of them.

On a sunny morning where it's full sun forecast, go to your plant spot around 8:00 AM with your glass bowl and jar of pure water.

Spend some time to greet the plant, set out your intentions, meditate, spend time to give thanks and respect to the plant you will be harvesting.

Choose a location for your bowl that is closer to the plant..but in full sun where not even a blade of grass could cast a shadow over the water. The sunlight should be completely unobstructed.

Then fill the bowl to (almost) full with the water and do not let any drop of it touch your hands. Careful pouring so there is no contamination of any item you have brought with you. Pour out any extra water that remains on the grass nearby.

Without touching the water or the bowl it is in...find some large leaves nearby (or ideally if the plant you chose has large leaves you can use them too)..put them in your hand so that when you pick each blossom off the stems- they do not touch your skin but only the healthy leaf you are using as a tool.

Place each blossom in the glass bowl without touching plant nor water nor bowl.


Do not over harvest any single plant you are picking from- select from as many plants of the same kind that you can. Gently pick them with the leaves you are using as 'hands' so that eventually the water surface of your glass bowl, is thickly covered (without gaps in between).. You can overlap the blossoms but each should be touching the water.

Remember- no shadow to be cast. So as you are doing this activity, be mindful of the direction of the sun so that your shadow does not cast over the bowl.


This whole process should be completed by 9 AM. Leave the bowl with flowers for 4 hours so they can absorb the sun's energy. You can meditate during this time for further 'connection.'

When you return 4 hours later, you should see tiny bubbles in your bowl of water. Use grass or stem and remove all the flower heads- without allowing your own fingers or skin to touch the water or flowers or bowl.


Pour this water into your empty mason jar and fasten closed with a fresh lid. Leave the area undisturbed as you found it.

When home:

Line up those 30 ml bottles you half filled with brandy. Fill the rest of them up from the jar you now have filled with the blossom water.

Close the lids of each 30 ml bottle with the dropper lids. These are your MOTHER ESSENCE for that flower.

Now that you have your mother essence, we will create the STOCK WATER to reduce if further...

Take another glass 30 ml amber bottle with dropper (or as many as you want).

Fill them with brandy.

Add only 2 drops from your MOTHER this bottle.



Take another 30 ml amber bottle with a dropper ..and add 2 drops of stock water to the empty bottle...add 5 ml brandy (1 tsp)..and fill the rest with spring water (or overnight tap water). Shake. This is a BACH FLOWER ESSENCE.

Because it has mostly water- it will not keep as well. So shake, keep in a cook place out of sunlight..and dose accordingly:

adult dose is 4 drops, 4x daily. Take first dose upon waking up, twice during the day in between meals/away from food..and again before bed.

Put the drops on your tongue (without touching the dropper piece itself), let it linger there.

*flower essence should keep for 3-4 weeks. Write a 'best before date' so you don't forget. You can always refer back to your stock waters to make another flower essence.