Clinical Herbalist services

Initial Herbal Consultation

The first appointment is $125 and lasts between 1-2 hours. We will go through your current and past medical history. I may recommend herbal formulas (which will be customized specifically for you), dietary and/or lifestyle changes to address your health concerns.

Please inform me of any medications and/or supplements you may be taking. Please bring any lab tests, imaging or diagnostic reports you may have (from over the last year), with you to the appointment.

Common issues to book an appointment include (but are not limited to):

GI (gastrointestinal/digestive) issues and food sensitivities

Hormone imbalance

Menopausal symptoms

Autoimmune problems



Environmental sensitivities

High blood pressure


Memory problems

Sleeping issues


Circulation issues/varicose veins



Follow up appointments

Follow up appointments are $50 and last up to 30-45 minutes. Formulas and recommendations may be reassessed and any other concerns addressed as we continue our work together.

Personally formulated products:

Should personal formulations be recommended for you (in the form of a tincture or tea), the costs would be:

100 g dried herb: $20

250 g dried herb $40-$50

100 ml tincture $20-25

250 ml tincture $50-60

500 ml tincture $100-$120

If you are a Naturopathic doctor inquiring about personal formulations for your patients or clinic, feel free to inquire about my dispensary list and  pricing in the 'contact information' section.

Testing costs (if applicable):


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