Karlina Novumile Kaulins


I'm a Registered Herbalist (Clinical Herbalist) and active member of the Ontario Herbalist Association (OHA) in Markham, Ontario. I'm also an initiate/graduate of the Mpondo Sangoma tradition of South Africa (Shaman or Dziednieks) and have been practicing traditional medicine since 2010. I continue to learn from other teachers as I share this work with you.

What services do I offer:

I currently offer full consultations in herbal medicine as a Clinical Herbalist in Markham, Ontario. I help clients who are looking for help in addressing physical or emotional problems. These may be chronic or more acute and are addressed through the support of herbal, dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Herbal medicine works into preventative care and/or restoring optimal health.

Herbal medicine can work into most health conditions before medications need to be considered, and it can also play a role to help mitigate side effects of your medications if you are already taking them.

I work with anyone who has health problems they are looking to address holistically; those who have exhausted many avenues and still feel their health problems are not addressed; or those who are curious in how herbal medicine can play a role in optimizing their health. Some conditions this may apply to include: autoimmune problems, digestive issues, sensitivities, hormone imbalance, circulation problems/varicose veins and anxiety to name a few.

Although I work in all areas of herbal medicine, my primary areas of focus are:

             1) elder care and aging well (supporting the health of seniors)

             2) holistic support for mental health problems

             3) sensitivities (pain issues, digestive issues, general daily discomforts that have not been reconciled).

I am not a medical doctor, but I can be part of your wellness team and help put your health history into context to help you achieve your health goals.

Know that your own motivation and willingness to be involved in your health is most important so get ready to be active in making some changes for the betterment of your health!

About herbal medicine:

All cultures have their version of herbal medicine. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about using herbs - they are viewed by many as either being ineffective or too dangerous to use and that is simply not true. Herbal medicine has a long history of use (empirical evidence) and there are plenty of studies and research to substantiate the medicinal properties of plants, which often point to why they've been successful in treating certain conditions.

However, we are living at a time when many people prefer the 'do it yourself' route- whereby they want to take it upon themselves to use herbs in a way that involves 'self diagnosing.' This is where herbal medicine can be dangerous or accidents may occur. Just as one may not cut their own hair or fix their own car- working with a Registered Herbalist who has experience will make your journey in working with herbs, safer and more effective.


More about my own journey:

I lived in South Africa for the better part of 5 years training in ukuthwasa path of the Mpondo people to address my own health. I had been searching for answers on how to heal for about 7 years prior. This journey ultimately led me to traditional healers (Sangomas) in South Africa who recognized I had an unanswered spiritual calling that was  causing me much mental and emotional confusion. I have since graduated (2014) to become an Mpondo Sangoma myself and although my blood line is Latvian, I honor, respect and practice the tools of the Mpondo people to help others, understand intergenerational healing/ancestral work and how this can play out in our lives and our health. In essence, I was led to another culture for my healing, so that I could 'come home' to myself and my community.

I continue to learn and expand my working knowledge of the body and herbal treatments. I'm very passionate about learning traditional medicine in Latvia and honoring my own cultural roots, especially through sauna work. I meet many people who are surprised that I do ancestral work because this working knowledge has long been lost in European cultures. But I can tell you it is very much alive in the cultures who have preserved this wisdom, and they have much to teach and remind us.

For specific interest in this, please visit the Traditional Medicine tab on this website. This is a separate service.



This "Traditional Medicine Speaks" site intentionally places attention on communication (rather than myself). Our bodies are communicating with us through our symptom picture (ex. pain, anxiety, a rash, etc.) And the medicine speaks too. "How?" It speaks through trance (Sangoma tool); it speaks through empirical evidence; and it speaks through our scientific understanding and ongoing research in botany, phytotherapy, pathophysiology, etc.