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About me..


My name is Karlina Novumile Kaulins and I'm a Registered Herbalist RH (Clinical Herbalist) and active member of the Ontario Herbalist Association (OHA). I'm also an initiate/graduate of the Mpondo Sangoma indigenous tradition of South Africa (Shaman or Dziednieks) and have been practicing traditional medicine since 2010. I continue to learn from others as I share this work with you.

Medicine journey:

As most healers, I've had my own medicine journey to move through. While struggling with mental health problems, (panic attacks/general anxiety, depression and diagnosis of PTSD and OCD), I divinely crossed paths with Sangomas (traditional healers) while in South Africa, and answered a spiritual calling through the path of "Ukuthwasa". My path is one of inter-generational healing and ancestor work which helped to unlock and solve my mental anguish. As a Sangoma, I now extend the wisdom of this path to clients seeking support.

Upon my return to Canada, it was clear I needed a better understanding of anatomy/physiology, pathophysiology, and science generally, to best serve my clients who often came with imbalances and ailments for which herbal therapy would have been beneficial. I studied in a 2 year intensive (3 year program in 2 years), to become a Clinical Herbalist as well as Sangoma/Dziednieks.

I'm Latvian-Canadian and although my calling was answered in Africa, I work with the wisdom of my Latvian/European roots as well as honoring the Sangoma path. Whether you are a teenager with anxiety or an A type personality male with an enlarged prostate...there is much work we can do together!

Specialty areas: Digestion issues and anxiety!



This "Traditional Medicine Speaks" site intentionally places attention on communication (rather than myself). Our bodies are communicating with us through our symptom picture (ex. pain, anxiety, a rash, etc.) And the medicine speaks too. "How?" It speaks through trance  (Sangoma tool); it speaks through empirical evidence; and it speaks through our scientific understanding and ongoing research in botany, phytotherapy, pathophysiology, etc.

No, I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one. But I can help support you in your health journey and health advocacy. There are many paths up a mountain and traditional wisdom and effective holistic adjunctives are valuable to our health.

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