Traditional medicine services

Spiritual consultation


A spiritual consultation (divination) is between $150-$200.

We can speak on the phone should you want a 10-15 minute meet and greet call so I can share with you the process of this work so you have an understanding of what happens during this kind of consultation.

The range in pricing is to accommodate the scope of the work-- depending on what is needed for the client and how much time we'll need to set aside (and is determined on a case by case basis under the guidance of my ancestors, which will be discussed with you).


Please contact me in advance to discuss if you are looking for a personal divination or are inquiring about a property (as all property cleanses will require a divination first). This can be done for whomever it may resonate with/feels called to explore this work, or for those consciously aware they have problems that are not being resolved (especially emotional or psychological), or for those experiencing uncomfortable or disturbing spiritual events.

The work I facilitate (as a bridge or conduit), is personalized, not a set program. We will be working with you in a personalized way to help shift and improve your experience-- everything will first begin with a consultation/divination.

We are here for you, Makhosi! 

Spiritual work/follow up

TBD from the consultation but may consist of ritual, ceremony, cleansing and energy work.

Property/house cleanse:

TBD from the consultation and based on square footage and circumstances.