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Traditional medicine services


A spiritual consultation/Divination is between $150 (personal); $200 (property).

We can speak on the phone should you want a 10-15 minute meet and greet call so I can share with you the process of this work so you have an understanding of what happens during this kind of consultation.


Please contact me in advance to discuss if you are looking for a personal divination or are inquiring about a property (as all property cleanses will require a divination first). This can be done for whomever it may resonate with/feels called to explore this work, or for those consciously aware they have problems that are not being resolved (especially emotional or psychological).

Herbal medicine and spiritual work are great adjuncts for holistic mental health support. We will be working with you in a personalized way to help shift and improve your experience as per the above-- Anything shown through your Divination will be unique to your Spirit and your ancestors. Whether you feel compelled to connect with your lineage, or you have questions about a specific dream or a specific ailment that is not being healed...We are here for you, Makhosi!


Cleansing may be part of our spiritual work together which may consist of traditional sauna/steaming methods and washes with energetic and plant medicines guided by my ancestors.

Ritual & Ceremony

Ritual and ceremony conducted for specific ancestors or elemental forces may be part of our spiritual work together in addressing certain ongoing issues you may be carrying; to elevate an ancestor or to make right. They may also be conducted as a gateway for you to connect with your ancestors through libation, offerings, song and dance.

Property cleanses

As stated above, all property cleanses begin with a Divination and the cost of a property cleanse will be shown, considering square footage and scope of work.

Our roots

If you are feeling the call to connect with your ancestors, exploring your roots may be part of our work together. With the guidance of my ancestors and Divine Spirit, I will assist in passing along the messages and guiding you on how to start this journey.

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